Tangled (2010) is an American computer-animated musical fantasy film from Walt Disney Animation Studios. It is based on the German fairy tale “Rapunzel” in the collection of folk tales published by the Brothers Grimm.

The movie follows the story of a lost, young princess with magical long hair who yearns to leave her isolated tower. She gets her wish when a bandit infiltrates her home and helps her escape.

Together they embark on an adventure where she discovers the true meaning of love and family. The movie was released to critical acclaim and earned over $591 million against its budget of $260 million, making it one of the most successful films from Disney Animation Studios ever released.

It also achieved recognition at several award ceremonies, including winning Best Animated Feature Film at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards. Tangled has since become a modern classic for its incredible visuals, memorable soundtrack, and heartwarming story.

The Characters

The characters of Tangled are a mix of old and new.

The protagonist is Rapunzel, a princess with long, magical blonde hair. She’s spunky and determined, willing to take risks in order to explore the world outside her tower prison.

Her sidekick is Pascal, a chameleon who provides comic relief through his interactions with Rapunzel.

There’s also Flynn Rider, a wanted criminal who initially helps Rapunzel on her journey but later finds himself helping the kingdom as well. He’s charming and suave, but also has moments of vulnerability that make him relatable.

These characters each bring something unique to the story, making Tangled an exciting adventure for viewers of all ages.

Ultimately, each character’s actions play an important role in leading the plot forward and ultimately resolving it in a satisfying way.

Plot Summary

In Tangled, the characters of Rapunzel, Flynn Ryder, and Mother Gothel are all key players in the story. Each of them has a unique background and personality that drive the narrative forward.

The movie follows Rapunzel’s journey as she rebels against her overbearing mother and embarks on an adventure to find her true identity. Along the way, she meets Flynn Ryder and eventually discovers that she is the lost princess of Corona. The two embark on a thrilling mission to return Rapunzel to her rightful place in the kingdom while avoiding Mother Gothel’s evil schemes.

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Ultimately, their courage and resilience leads to a happy ending for all involved.

Rapunzel’s determination to break free from the tower and reclaim her destiny is at the heart of this story. With courage, friendship, and love, she not only saves herself but also restores balance to Corona.

Music And Soundtrack

Let’s talk about the music score and soundtrack genre of the 2010 movie ‘Tangled’. I’m sure there are lots of interesting facts to discuss!

Music Score

The music score for Tangled is an integral part of the movie; it adds layers to the story and creates a unique atmosphere.

Composed by Alan Menken, the soundtrack is composed of both traditional songs and instrumental tracks.

The songs are mostly focused on the themes of adventure, love, and friendship, while some are used to emphasize key plot points.

The instrumental pieces create a moody atmosphere with hints of mystery, while also providing a backdrop for certain moments in the film.

It truly brings the story to life and helps give it its own distinct flavor.

All in all, Menken’s work on this film was exceptional; he created something that was both memorable and beautiful.

Soundtrack Genre

Overall, the music score for Tangled is an impressive combination of different genres. From traditional songs to instrumental pieces, it has something for everyone.

The genre of the soundtrack ranges from pop to classical, with a hint of jazz and some more modern sounds as well. It’s a unique blend that perfectly fits the movie’s tone and setting.

Menken did an incredible job in making sure all of these elements came together to create a cohesive soundscape that captures the spirit of the movie. It’s easy to see why this soundtrack is so beloved; its careful composition allows it to transport listeners into the magical world of Tangled.

Production And Reception

The anticipation of the film’s release was palpable; it seemed that everyone was eager to see what this new movie would bring.

The production of the film was a long and arduous process, with much attention devoted to perfecting every detail. Every effort was made to ensure that the script, music, and visuals all worked together to create an enchanting experience for audiences. The team behind the movie included a diverse cast and crew who were passionate about making this movie a success. They worked diligently on each aspect of the production, from casting to set design, in order to make this movie as emotionally captivating as possible.

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Reception of the film has been overwhelmingly positive, with critics praising its unique visual style and thought-provoking story. Fans have embraced the world created by Tangled and its characters, expressing joy at having such a charming addition to Disney’s animation collection. Audiences around the world have praised it for being an enjoyable family experience that will be remembered for years to come.

Legacy And Cultural Impact

Tangled has been a huge success since its release in 2010. It has spawned a whole new generation of Disney Princess classics, and has become one of the most beloved films in the Disney canon. Its popularity didn’t end with the big screen either; there have been countless spin-offs, merchandising deals, and even a Broadway musical adaptation of the film.

The legacy of Tangled lives on in many ways. It’s widely considered to be one of Disney’s best modern films and it continues to inspire others with its unique blend of music, comedy, and adventure.

The characters from Tangled have become iconic figures in popular culture, influencing everything from fashion trends to video games. Its impact on young people is especially evident, as more children than ever are discovering the joys of classic Disney movies through Tangled’s retelling.


In conclusion, Tangled has proven to be a remarkable Disney movie.

It’s success lies in its captivating plot and endearing characters.

I was amazed by the stunning animation and the beautiful soundtrack that accompanied the film.

The reception of Tangled was overwhelmingly positive, both from audiences and critics alike.

Its legacy has been tremendous, with many fans citing it as their favorite Disney movie of all time.

Not only did it bring joy to many, but it also inspired a generation of young girls to believe in themselves and never give up on their dreams.

Tangled is a timeless classic that will continue to touch hearts for years to come.

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